Christine Manalo

Personal Trainer

Daily progress is the key to true love and perfection. Never stop improving

- Christine Manalo

Welcome to Christine Fitness and Training

05.01.2018 | 435 Peach Lane, Georgia

Hello, and welcome to my personal site! My name is Christine and I'm a personal trainer, originally from North Carolina but currently based in Georgia. I have over 5 years experience training individuals in all types of conditions. I work with all kinds of people and would love the opportunity to work with you!

I have been working out for all of my natural life, literally as long as I can remember. I spent so much time doing fitness and just simply trying to be the best version of myself. It wasn't always easy, but it was always worth it. 6 years ago, I started my own personal training company that helps to prove to women that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. So there should be no shortage of people ready and willing to start this program and take back their life! 

I hope you'll join me on this journey and see how far you can push yourself and how amazing life can be if you really put your all into it. This is a time to take a hold of life by the horns and force it in the direction you want it to go. Let's go! You've got this! Sign up with my contact form below and let me know what types of workouts you want to be involved in.

We also are focused on looking our best and doing what we can to stay looking and feeling young. One of our favorite sites for getting all the information is Total Youth and Beauty, keeping us up to date on all the newest beauty trends and health crazes out there. Check it out if you want some more information on 


Thank you for making it this far and being interested in my workout guide and program. I work to give ladies that perfect bum and help them shed fat off of their bodies. You would be surprised how effective these methods can be if they are employed at the right times and in the right way. I have learned the best techniques and want to share them with you and I hope you enjoy!

One of my favorite types of workouts that will absolutely SHRED fat off of your body is known as HIIT workouts, or High Intensity Interval Training workouts. In this type of workout, you will go as hard as possible for a short duration of time, followed by rest. You are basically getting a more effective workout in a fraction of the time a normal fitness routine take. Trust me, this is the way to go!

You can find a copy of my report here, it is a review of my system and it takes into account a lot of the questions you may have in your head. The pros and cons of the red tea detox program are poured over, and I promise you I get down to the nitty gritty of this situation. So come with me and let's conquer life!

Let us know if you'll be joining us!


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